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Lip Blushing Tips

When making your appointment for Lip Blushing remember, you are investing in those beauties. When treated properly, your color should last you for up to 5 years.

Your pre-care is just as important as your post-care. Here are some tips to get your lips healthy before your appointment:

1. Be sure that you have no open sores when you arrive to your appointment.

2. If you have EVER had a cold sore, it is recommended that you get on an antibiotic 3 days prior to your appointment, continuing this treatment for 3 days after.

3. Keep your lips moisturized so they are not chapped.

4. Be sure to not use any harsh chemicals in the area for 1 week prior.

It is important to go a bold in color with this treatment and get a brighter or darker color since the color will fade about 60%.

Here are a few things to expect during healing:

1. Lips will be swollen and tender for a day or two after.

2. Spicy and citrus foods will hurt! Avoid those.

3. They will be bright for about 3 days, then the peeling will start.

4. The first peeling session will usually run its course in an entire day. Keep lips moisturized with your all natural aftercare during this time.

5. Lips will be dry and chapped for a few days and sometimes will have a lighter, second peeling stage. Again, keep them moisturized with your aftercare.

Be sure to show up for your touch up appointment 4 weeks post for maximum results because, well, it's free! And after all, this is an investment for those beautiful lips of yours.

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