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Common Questions for Permanent Makeup

  • Q: How do I know which brow service I need?

        A: Almost anyone can benefit from Microblading, however, it is recommended to people who have sparse brow hair and desire a fuller, natural look. If you have thick brows and don't need the hair-like strokes that Microblading gives, then Microshading would be a good option for you to achieve a more filled-in look.

  • Q: How long does healing last?

        A: Healing typically lasts about two weeks. However, it takes about six weeks to see the full color of the tattooing to return.​

  • Q: Will permanent makeup hurt?

        A: I use a topical numbing to get you nice and numb. I will also continue to use a second numbing solution during the length of the appointment to keep you as comfortable as possible. These numbing solutions are typically very successful, however, there are some people that don't take to them as well as hoped. Even then, it is not described as painful, but more irritating.


  • Q: What is the upkeep like for Microblading?

        A: Upkeep includes your complimentary six week touch up. This appointment is crucial to the outcome of your healed tattooing. Yearly touch ups are recommended and offered at a discounted rate to keep the color of your brows fresh, as the tattooing fades over time. Tweezing or waxing any hairs outside of the tattooed area is also recommended to help your brows hold their new shape.

  • Q: What is the difference between Microblading and Microshading?

        A: Microblading leaves hair-like strokes for a natural, full look and also includes Microshading to fill in more. Microshading leaves a full color behind for a more filled-in or makeup look and is done on its own.​

  • Q: How long does permanent makeup last?

        A: If the aftercare process is strictly followed without any complications, permanent makeup can last for years. It is always good to keep up with touch ups every twelve-eighteen months to have your permanent makeup last as long as you'd like. However, some clients may not hold the color as well and will require more frequent touch ups.​

  • Q: Why do you have to go so bright or dark with color when getting Lip Blushing?

        A: Our lips are constantly getting wet so they do not hold color nearly as well as eyebrows or eyeliner. Because of this they only retain about 50% color after tattooing so it is important to choose a brighter color​ to have a better outcome after healing.

  • Q: Can I get permanent eyeliner done with lash extensions?

        A: It is not recommended to have permanent eyeliner done with lash extensions on. The color needs to be deposited between the lashes so there is no separation between the lash line and the eyeliner. When Extensions are on, it is much harder and more damaging to get the color between the lashes.​

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