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At Beauty Ink we have a strict cancellation policy to ensure that everyones time is valued. Given the length and price of each appointment it is important that clients take their appointments seriously. If a client no shows or late cancels, it leaves us with no time to book someone else during that time slot and is ended up as wasted time.  

COVID-19 cancelations: If you are diagnosed with CVOID-19 and need to reschedule your appointment, we will ask for a doctors note showing the positive diagnosis with your name and your doctors name. You can receive this in your My-chart or simply by asking your doctor to send you home with one. All of us here at Beauty Ink take this illness very seriously and will do what we can to ease your stress revolving around your appointment if you test positive. Stay home and rest! However, you are not obligated to show this if you do not choose to do so. If you refuse to show proof of your positive diagnoses, you are more than welcome reschedule your appointment with a new deposit applied forfeiting your original one. We have this policy to protect our artists since in this industry if you do not have paying clients, you do not financially profit.


A non-refundable 50%  (+tax) deposit is required to book a new appointment for permanent makeup.

EX: Microblading is $450. To book the appointment a deposit of $225 + tax will be required. 

This appointment can be rescheduled only one time with the deposit transferred, as long as it is done with at least two weeks notice. After the one reschedule, any unapproved changes to that appointment in the future will forfeit your deposit.

Touch up appointments also have a strict cancellation policy. Canceling or rescheduling your touch up appointment without two weeks notice will forfeit your complimentary touch up. If you would still like to reschedule after this, a $150 fee will be applied. Again, you may reschedule your touch up one time with at least two weeks notice. 

We love our clients and value your time as well as our own. To help keep appointments and childcare going smoothly, it is important to follow our cancellation policy.

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